Maciej Jaworski, Aleksandra Chudzyńska, Paweł Mrowiński, Joanna Prażmowska-Czajka, Wojciech Kijaszek, Jan Große, Sven Rodt, Stephan Reitzenstein, and Grzegorz Sęk

We’re thrilled to announce the recent scientific publication by our colleague, Maciej Jaworski. His work delves deep into the optimized xenon-plasma focused ion beam (Xe-PFIB) technology for the fabrication of photonic microstructures with quantum dots (QDs).

This innovative direct and maskless approach offers a faster and more cost-efficient alternative to traditional methods (for Electron-beam lithography EBL), paving the way for efficient QD-based single-photon sources vital for quantum communication.

In simpler terms, Maciej’s research is a leap towards harnessing the power of quantum dots for next-gen communication technologies. The findings suggest that this method can be applied even when the top layer over quantum dots (so called cap) is approx 200 nm thick, a feat previously unachieved with FIB processing.

For those keen on diving into the details and understanding the potential implications of this research, we encourage you to read the full publication at